Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Day to Relax

Yesterday I took it pretty easy. I went to the gym before classes, but not early enough because I ended up running around my room at the last second to get to class dressed properly and fed! haha! I'm sure it was quite a sight, me in my tights and a button down shirt scarfing down a bowl of cereal. The day ended and I got my letter to Taylor about proceeding directly to summer batch for my management semester. Hopefully it will be approved. Then Christa picked me up and we went to a Salvation Army-like place and I donated a bunch of clothes!! YAY!! And we looked around at how to decorate her new appartement. Then we had some yummy mexican food dor dinner and Christa made this heavenly dessert. It was a tortilla with a banana, nutella, and brown sugar, grilled. Ohhhhhhh!!!! I stayed there for the night and had a blissfully quiet night's sleep (as opposed to yesterday when I was plagued by the partiers of CDV blasting thier music).

This morning I had ayummy bowl of chocolate peanut butter oatmeal and some jasmine green tea. Then Christa and I shimmied off to the gym. I had a great workout, and then I FINALLY organized the loft in my room. I am the messy one between my roomate and me. I actually took the time to go through my stuff and toss out a bunch of papers and all that greatness. I feel so good when things are less and organized, but I just don't seem to do it often enough!! As a reward I chilled on my computer down in CDV and ate some white beans in tomato sauce with toasted french bread yum!

The new CDV team wants to expand thier menu, especially for the Vegitarians. Myra, the new Dave, asked me for my falafel recipe so I gave it to her today and she wants me to demonstarate it to the staff when the order for the ingrediants comes in. I'm all for that!! No news on the vegan food in main building situation. I still need to talk to Rachny about what is going on so I know if I get half-board. He wasn't in on friday, so Monday it is!

Tonight I'll be cooking and eating a yummy veggie curry with Tahir and Mitali and maybe Sebatian. Yup, all my Summer Batch people are back and I am still hanging out with them, which is nice. I did worry that they wouldn't be interested in my company after Albert left, especially Christa and Matt, but they keep inviting me over to stay the night and cook and chill, so I am happy about that. I have been somewhat negligent of my old winter batch friends though. I think one reason is because whenver they suggest hanging out it usually involves alcohol, which I am not really digging these days.

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