Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mari's Visit

My high school friend, Mari, who is doing a semester of study in London, came to visit me this Thursday. I had work and stuff, but was able to reorganize enough to get her in the right places. Thursday I picked her up from the train station and took her straight to a Chocolaterie, which I loove! She liked it too! YAY! Then we just got some tea and chatted. I took her to my school's main dining hall for dinner, and she got to see the place. In the morning we went for breakfast, pastries and all the good Swiss things made her really happy, so that was good! Then, I was supposed to have planned this perfectly and go snowboarding with her for a few hours before my work started, but we ended up cutting it too close, so I had to send her off on the lifts alone, which I felt really bad about, but she seems to have enjoyed herself. AND since I worked dinner, I some how managed to get her a seat in our fancy a la carte restaurant with a friend of mine, Nazih. She liked that, which made me feel better about ditching her on the mountain. Then we just chilled in CDV, thinking about going dancing, but then deciding that sleep was a better idea :) ! Today we are going back up to Montana to get a few things done, maybe some breakfast, and then she will be heading home around noon. Overall, I think I supplied her with a good bit of what Bluche had to offer, and I really hope she enjoyed it. I, of course, woke up at 7:30 and have been killing time until 9:45, when we were all supposed to wake up. 15 minutes left haha, she and Steffi are still fast asleep. I couldn't even go the the gym since it opens at 10. Oh, well.

Dearest Dad: if I buy earplugs I cannot hear my alarm go off.

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