Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Early Morning or Late Night?


So I just wanted to share that I have been waking WAY before the crack of dawn (aka 5:15 am, as in the time a lot of people go to sleep after partying) since Monday. This is due to my being on the breakfast shift in the kitchen. My last day is tomorrow, then I get to start Commisary (aka "vegetable cutting" station) which starts at 12:30 and ends at 8 pm. I'm gonna be so messed up because right now I am sleeping at 8 pm hahaha! What I am saying is that I am extremely tired. I do LOVE breakfast shift. I really do. I like being up early and finishing early, and I wouldn't mind the time I have to sleep, but I live in CDV, where everyone chills after classes. They play music in the Cafe and it echos into my room. That and the walls are WAY too thin, meaning that my neighbors share thier conversations with me and my roomy...if only we spoke spanish...

I was runner today, which meant that I got to bring new GN containers full of food to the buffets when they ran out. They are heavy and VERY hot, since I take them straight out of the oven or steamer. Got some fashionable hands after all that hot metal. Tomorrow is my last early morning, which I actually took by choice from someone else in order to be able to have Thursday afternoon free to pick up my friend Mari. She is a highschool friend from CT who is doing a semester in London. I donno how functional I will be tomorrow night, but Friday we plan to snowboard before my afternoon shift starts. I'll be bringing her to Market Place to see what we do there and feed her some Les Roches goodness....I really hope they cook some good stuff.

I'm off to 7 woohoo!