Thursday, January 15, 2009

Internet in Progress

Sorry about the complete lack of posting. I have VERY limited access to the internet right now. I should be all set sometime mid week next week. I'm sitting on the stairs outside of the cafe mooching off of the free wireless, on Albert's computer hahaha!!

Here is a brief update: I arrived on the 11th and stayed in Randogne. On the 12th I did early check in and got my room (CDV 22, the room my roomy and I requested yay!!). We have a small balcony and a big loft above, where we will be keeping our food and mini kitchen. Steffi, my roomy, comes tomorrow, so I need to clean the place up for her. I got allll my stuff from storage and slowly organized myself. I managed to get rid of a bunch of clothes that I really didn't need. I'm slowly minimizing my possesions...or at least trying to. On the 13th all the early check ing folk met to get thier "volunteer" work assigned. I'm working in the kitchen and am very glad that I brought my old NCC kitchen uniform. Today was regular check in so I gave in my computer, got all sorted out with my B-Permit and stuff of that sort. I just need to get my knives, hair-net and hats at 3 ish, and tomorrow I get my uniform!

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