Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Back

Yes, I finalllyyyyy got my computer and I finally have consistent access to the internet.

So, what has been going on? The director did finally make a deal with me to implement vegan recipes into the meal plan and if they are not then I will get half-board. I am in a good academic class and a pretty good practical class. I have already been working in the kitchen for about 2 weeks and now I am on my first official week of school. I start with academics. I moved into my roommates class, which is really convenient! Today I had Organizational Behavior with a nice funny teacher, so, though he has already told us that the class is boring, I think it will still be good. I then had Effective Communication, with a real nice teacher. I think he is a good teacher too and it will go swimmingly. Then we had the A La Carte lunch service and they ACTUALLY catered to my pickiness as a vegan. I was truly impressed. Then we had spanish, which I dread for some reason, but it also went surprisingly well. It is the same teacher as last year, so I donno how long the greatness will last. She's just a little meek in her teaching style.

I spent the last few days relaxing up the mountain with Albert and his friends and really enjoyed that. It felt like a real vacation. More so than any I've had in a long while, which really makes me rethink my definition of a vacation and therefore what to do for my midterm. I did go snowboarding once, though I wanted to go more. It costs about 50 chf to rent a snowboard and 63 chf per day ski lift ticket. There is also a half-season pass which is 700, and I can rent for a half season, though I dono how much that is. It would get paid for after 11 trips, but I donno how often I will go, though there is sooo much snow here right now, and it is seeming to be a good winter for boarding. I also want to "waste my time" doing that instead of the only other recreational activity on the weekend, which is drinking/partying. I don't really want to do that so much anymore. They basically cancel each other out because you have to wake early to snowboard and you need energy and all. If you drink you don't wake early and you feel too icky to do much let alone throw yourself around in the snow. So it tends to be one or the other. I can also just not party, which is my plan anyway.

ANYWAY, I am off to the gym now and then some relaxation is in order. Albert left to the Philippines today. I hope we bump into each other again....or a planned bump would work fine too.

Hope everyone else is doing well out there!

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