Thursday, January 29, 2009


Not much going on really. I am just getting up, going to class, going to the gym, doing some homework, chilling with friends, and sleeping. Tomorrow is potentially more interesting. I will be going down to Sierre with Christa and Matt to donate some clothes and stuff. Christa is looking to buy some cheap furniture to put into her new studio, and I'll be helping her move in on Sunday I think. So those are my plans!

Oh, so the whole half-board situation: My school Director, Mr. Taylor, fought it long and hard, my dad got involved, and finally Taylor approached me and asked me to make some vegan menus and they would be implemented within a week. He wrote my dad that they would be implemented and if not then I would get half board. I was then directed to the practical director, Mr. Taylor, who would be working with the chefs to implement it. He told me that this was a rediculous request. Way more inconvenient than Taylor thought and would most likely not come to pass. So I am supposed to talk to Rachney again tomorrow and see the final decision. Goodness Goodness.

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