Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Runner's High!!!

I Am On Such A Runner's High!! I love exercise. LALALALALA!!! Hahahaha!!

Nothing Else Is New. It's still cold. They made Chocolate Chip Cookies for staff meal today!! They never make cookies here by the way. Not classic ones anyway. So I'm saving some for Dave, since he is not working today and misses his American goodies oh so much. They smell divine! Yah, things are generally calming down around here. Everyone is focused on final exams and where to live next semester, or, like me, for a few days after semester ends. Since my flight is on the 23rd and I need to be out of my room the 20th, I need to figure this out. I might be able to stay at Ty's place, but maybe I can crash in the stagier chalet. I believe they keep it opened over the break.

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