Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 19

It Is Week 19. Do you know what that means? It means that I have 2 more weeks. Week 21 is the last week. I know I'm counting down and I really shouldn't, but I have been a little off recently, and I think a nice bit of time back home will be medicine enough for my mind. Some peace with the family mmmmm. That sounds so good right now. So what's up, nothing much really. Nothing has really happened, I think I am simply aware of the nearness of the end. CDV is fine, not anymore strssful or negative, actually it has brought a lot of positivity my way recently. It is peaceful these days due to exams and such, and the people are in better moods it seems, probably because they are cooped up in thier rooms studying all day and it is such a relief relax for a while. That is called a run on sentence. I will enjoy its existence for the time being.

Health has been good. Working out has been really good recently. I've been pushing hard and feeling it more and more. The food part is kinda weird, but I'll deal with it and get used to it until this program is over. It's all very exciting actually, following a Training Program. It sounds cool too. "I'm training." hehehehe. Not just working out, training.

Stay Motivated

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