Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A New Plan For Next Semester????

I Have Recently Discovered a beautiful apartment in Montana! It is right on top of Migros, the largest grocery store around, in the same plaza as the Dr. I go to, a bus station to go to school with, and there is a cafe attached where I would do Homework. It is 10 minutes walking distance from the the center of Montana and of Crans. It is right on the Montana lake, which is beautiful, and has all the perks of being an appartment. A quaint kitchen with an island and bar stools, a cozy living room that looks out onto the lake, and is also down the hall from some friends. It is so perfect it is rediculous. I won't have to stress about groceries for one thing, which means I can be vegan easily and have plenty of fresh veg and fruits. I can cook quality meals instead of subsisting off of semi unhealthy stuff that keeps well in a dorm room. I will be able to focus MUCH better because it will be QUIET, which means I will be able to actually sleep early as opposed to waiting for all the party kids to leave CDV at midnight before it is quiet. Oh, that sounds heavenly. I will be able to focus on my work more because I won't be in a dorm building full of distractions, it will be so nice....if it is available etc. I don't actually know all the lease details yet, but I intend on finding out tomorrow! Cost wise it can potentially save me 1000chf, though I don't yet know if the school will charge me for a semester long bus pass or if the bus is free. Either way it would end up being cheaper than living on campus, and more beneficial.

Packing Has Sort Of Started. I just need to confirm where I am staying between the 20th (check out) and the 23rd (my flight). I have a place, I just need to confirm it. CDV clean up has also started. Things are moving around, the floor is cleaner than it has been in a while, and the stained stools are bright and shiney again! If only we could keep it this clean all the time. Chereiese is also back with us yay!!! Muli is in Market Place though. It is nice to have my friend back I must say I missed working with her.

Extracuricular stuff includes going clothes shopping with Albert, which was really enjoyable. He got some nice wears for his grad dinner on friday, which I am stoked about too. He got me a nice Alpaca sweater that is SO warm, and looks good on me too ;P I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing it home ont he 23rd!

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