Monday, December 15, 2008

The Last Week

Almost Done! This is the last week, and it is not so bad. There are not that many people around, so it stays pretty quiet, and things are slowly closing down. Now we only use two of three rooms, since we just deep cleaned the back room. I believe I will be done early enough on Friday to easily attend Albert's graduation dinner, so that takes a bit of unneeded stress out of my life. I bought my last bit of groceries for the semester, tons of veg since I have officially gone back to strict veganism.

I Need To Pack. My parents would be hounding me at this point "Lia did you pack!? NO!!!???? BUT THE WORLD WILL END IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY DONE A WEEK IN ADVANCE!" I'm just teasing you guys, you know I love you! MWAH! I really miss your reminders ;P I am very excited ot get back home, mmmmmmm....................

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