Friday, December 19, 2008

The Last Few Days And A SIGH

Albert Had His Graduation Dinner Yesterday. It was in a beautiful hotel. Very classy place. I certainly felt underdressed, and I was wearing a dress....but not a gown, which I felt like I should have been by the end of it. There was a champgne reception first and then the dinner itself. The food was okay, not spectacular. I got a veganized version of the menu, which I did not expect! So I pleased about that. The other's mentioned that the food tasted like first class airplane food, but I guess when you have that many people to cater for pre plated.....Anyway, I had a good time, and ended up getitng Albert on the dance floor!! Hehehe, I had fun dancing and hanging out with the people.

Today Was The Last Day of Work. We really deep cleaned the place. Scrubbing the walls free of marks and ketchup stains, deep cleaning the cofee machine and fridges, spraying and scrubbing the garbage cans...yummy! We also split up the tips, 100 chf each! Not bad. I really hadn't realized how close the end of this semester was until I was out of CDV and driving toward Zermatt with Dave. I suddenly realized that I was actually going home soon. CDV was over...I was going to be a student again. I let out a huge sigh, a release, a realization that I would see my family so soon. I still can't completely comprehend the end of this yet. I don't understand all that it means. I know that things will change that I don't want to. Some people will not be around as much, and I won't be able to hang out with others anymore. I have short bursts of these realizations and feel sad, but glad at everything that I have experienced and learned. I value the people I met, and even though I may never see some of them again, I will always remember their presence. I am curious about those that are staying in the area, and how the relationship with them will shift when I have a different (more balanced I would say) lifestyle as a studious student instead of a late night, social setting, worker. I also wonder about the relationships I left with the end of winter batch. Which friendships will grow, fade, be discovered? It is all very exciting.

I May Be Out Of Internet for the next few days as I will be living in the house in Randogne that I stayed in over the summer. Three person place shared betwene 7 for those few days...should be interesting. So, the next time I post will be while I am back home in CT!! WOOHOO!! I am really excited to get there. I just want to skip all the waking up early, bus, train, airplane, car, and just get home! Soon, so soon....

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Anonymous said...

I was just reading your blog... I know you've told me time and again to read it... yet I never really gave it due attention. Reading of your remembering the great day in Zermatt and realizing it was time to go home struck a chord with me... I too thought longingly of home on that day, yet today would give my right arm to have another day such as that.

somewhere over the rainbow... lives that day... to be lived again!!!

luv ya/miss ya... hope all is as it should be