Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Am Okay

Thanks, Mommy....for checking on me......? I do appreciate the love, but I am fine even if I don't post any updates, more likely than not. If something is wrong, then I will be more inclined to contact the family than if I am having fun and getting my time taken up by activities. So what have I been up to then?

Dancing since it is the last weekend of summer batch. I won't be seeing most of these people again, so I've been spending my time with them. I also got my nails done...way too expensive here. Otherwise just working and waiting for my last week to be done. I just have this next week and I'm done!! We open at 5 too, which is nice, so no service stuff during the day, just regular selling every day. It should be pretty quiet as everyone will be leaving. We also have to do general cleaning on the 19th, but should be done by 5 pm, which gives me plenty of time to pretty up for Albert's graduation :P

Montreaux Christmas Fesitval was reallly nice. I got some gifts that are unique to this region for the fam. I think everyone should be happy. I treated myself to some goodies as well. It was really pretty, but super cold!!

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