Sunday, December 21, 2008


I Recently Requested Half-Board. I did this because I am vegan and the school does not offer vegan options at lunch and dinner. Breakfast actually has vegan options including soymilk! Half-board would only take me off of dinner, but it is better, since I would be able to use the money to buy groceries instead of spending the money on the meal plan and then spending more money on groceries simply because the one vegetarian option is not pure vegetarian. The director denied my request stating that the school only allows students who are living off campus or in Les Cheminots (an apartment style dorm that costs extra to live in) to get half-board. I can understand why this is the case normally......but I do not understand why exceptions cannot be made in circumstances like mine. I tried to stay vegan at the begining of last semester and ended up eating salads with limited toppings for most of my meals; I ending up light-headed and weak after a few weeks of this. I subsequently compromised my veganism to get enough nutrients from the school. I do not think it appropriate to compromise my beliefs and health choices simply because the school does not cater to them. It does not seem that I am asking too much of them to be taken off of dinner. It would be one thing if I asked them to change thier menus and prepare special items specifically for me, but I am not. I am asking them to let me take care of myself if they are not able to take care of me. I am also aware that cooking in the dorm rooms is agaist school rules for safety reasons and agreed to stick to cold items that I could keep in the small fridge that my roommate and I have. I sent a follow up E-mail, so hopefully the director will understand better. I am sure it will all turn out okay.

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