Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Well, I Am Home. I have a sinus infection that is taking over my life right now hahaha. It's not really THAT bad. I got the meds today, so hopefully it will kick in in a few days or something. I still need to wrap presents hehehe. I will do that before I pass out. The jet lag has not been bad at all, good thing my schedule was so messed up in Switzerland hahaha!!! I do miss certain things over their of course. Snuggly things....I'm excited to go back, but am not just thinking about that. I have not yet registered what is going on here hahaha!! Christmas is tomorrow and I am so fuzzy from this sinus thing and the jet lag it is all a blurry idea. I have a feeling htis vacation is going to pass quickly.

I had more to say, but completely forgot what it was hahaha

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