Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow Snow Everywhere

It's White and deep. It snowed a lot!! It keeps it quiet at CDV. Nice and slow. But Taking out the trash is a little bit harder.

Not Much Else to report. I did go dancing and had a really fun night out. One of my rare nights out. Crazy strange though. First I picked up my purse and noticed that my phone and wallet were missing, and freaked out. The bartender returned it to me luckily! I did notice just today that I am missing the cash that was in my wallet, which wasn't too much. Everything else was okay and in place. It gave me quite a scare. Then, when the bus came to bring everyone down, I noticed that my jacket was not where it was supposed to be. It was a cold walk back. Another interesting turn in the evening was that a friend of mine had a few too many drinks and ended up falling asleep at the bar. This resulted in me walking him to my room since he lives far away. He crashed at my place and had no recollection of the previous night when he woke up in the morning. Hahaha. Oh college.

Worked The Weekend With Muli and Sunday went better than any Sunday since Cheriese and Apri left. We got out about an hour after we closed, so around 12:15. I was a bit too overzelous slicing buns today and cut a little bit of my hand, not too bad though. Oh the excitement of CDV. The bar tender actually came to CDV and inquired about the state of my possesions which was nice.

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