Friday, November 28, 2008

A European Hosted American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm a day late, but that's alright. So, how does it work over here? Well, we threw a really nice big feast. Dave was the host, CDV the place. The pool table was covered and converted into the main banquet table for Americans, and the rest of the game-room was set up with other tables for the other guests. I know, rather exclusive, but these are Americans we are talking about. We baked most of the pies the day before the event and let them sit in the fridge overnight as well as the homemade cranberry sauce (AMAZING!). The pies included 2 sweet potato with marshmellows melted on top, 3 pumpkin, 3 apple, 2 apple-cranberry-mixed berry, and some kind of crumble. On Thanksgiving day I started with lunch duty, so I baked my grahm cracker crust pumpkin pie, the ingrediants were sent from the states from my parents. Then I stayed for the rest of the day working on the gravy, we ended up throwing in the bones of all the birds, and veggie scraps, and the drippings...woah! I also worked on a baked mac & cheese with Jessica, a fellow American, made 3 traditional apple pies (big hit and delicious!), rolls, and stovetop stuffing. Dave stuffed and rubbed the turkeys....oh my goodness....each was different. There was a turkey covered in bacon, one rubbed with honey and almonds, one with BBQ sauce, one with cranberry sauce, I can't recall all the different ways. He stuffed one with apples and breading, one with cranberry sauce and breading, on with a whole sweet pepper that was then stuffed with goodness, and others. THEN they, I should say the dinner chef, made a Turducken. A turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. Then the legs and wings of all the birds are imbedded in the turkey so it has 6 legs and wings...weird, but yummy. We also made green bean casserole from the green beans mommy and daddy sent me, THANKS AGAIN! We also made sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and when it was all set out it made a beautiful feast.

Pictures will be up. Dave has them on his camera, so I will need to get them on here soon. AndI will get pictures from the snow fall also. I just seem to find myself updating when I am not on my own computer! For example, right now, I am on Luigi´s computer. Well, back to work.

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sub said...

Wow! Sounds wonderful. Glad the "fixins" all made it in time. We had a inner at the Marrasso's with George and Lisa from NH and the Pirnies from WDC. All are ex-Kuwait and the Pirnies were good frineds of mine in Kuwait. I made some rolls of oatmeal, molasses and pecans and another peasant loaf of Rye as well as Butternut Squash soap - all were great hits. I have pictures which I will upload today as well for you to see. Glad you had fun and look forward to a Xmas feast!