Friday, November 21, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

I Made Pie, pumpkin pie. It was good. There was much my tummy! MMMMM. So good. Thank you mommy and daddy. You make my life happier and more delicious. I baked it at the house in Randogne that I stayed in over the summer. While it baked I watched...tried to watch, Tenacious D. I think the humor would have worked if the movie wasn't so long. Otherwise, not much. Today it is cold and rainy. The pie is gone.

I Am On Sale Tonight at the student auction. It is fund raiser for MBA graduation I think. I'm on sale with Cheriese. A double date at a la carte is what they will be purchasing. Though hopefully they won't actually want to go to a la carte since it happens to coincide with Thanksgiving, and I want to be in the kitchen cooking yummieness on that evening. I do wonder who will buy me. Anyone I want to buy me hasn't the money, so I will be up for grabs, no guarentees. Vicente, a dog, is also up for sale and I had planned to buy him since I want a dog for a day, but now I cannot bid. Alas.

Eating Today Is Good. Edo for breakfast (at noon). Thai for lunch (4:30). Yummy catering for dinner at the auction (8:00). I know, my life has changed clocks. I was once an early riser of an 8/9 am breakfast who now eats breakfast at noon. Libby is proud of me haha. (She's a friend who is known to sleep very late on both sides of sunrise.)

Tonight Is One Of My Few Nights Out. Cheriese and I happen to be off together, so we are going out tonight. DANCING! Hopefully the music will be good, though the clubs will be quite full. I also hurt my neck yesterday lifting too much weight at the gym, so hopefully it won't get worse and dancing will be doable.

The Interesting Life of Lia.

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