Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Package

My Dear Perents Sent Me A Package!!! I asked for my winter clothes and in addition to the needed clothes I got plenty of goodies from home!! Including Pumpkin pie mix and crusts, Onions for green bean casserole, A mix of brown rices, Wildberry Skittles, for Albert, Natural Peanut and Almond Butter, and tons of gravy mixes. Oh, and another pair of socks, but the toes and stripped kind :) It made me very happy to open the boxes. It also made me exceedingly excited to return home. I do hope we do champagne together again, and maybe Khaled will have some this time.

I Bought Non-Local Produce at Aligro, the Costco like store. I got mini yellow squahes, an egyptian mango, some sweet potatoes, and other goodies. This has refreashed my taste for veggies, which was much needed considering my lack of veggie intake recently. I have been eating a lot of fruits htough. Oh, and I bough a big bag of clementines!!! I love them so much. They keep me hydrated and satisfy my sweet tooth. So good. So little. So juicy. MMMMM!

Zurich was on my schedule for today and tonight, but Steffi's schedule got moved around, so it didn't seem practical to go today. I'll be heading over there in Dec. and will hopefully be able to catch the Christmas market. YAY! I really like everything here. I really do. As much as I say I miss home, I will miss here too. I love them both. Ah Bluche, Ah Les Roches.

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