Monday, November 17, 2008

A Return

I Returned To The Gym today after about 4-5 days off thinking that the rest was needed to make this cold thing go away, but it didn't so I decided I might as well return to working out. I started right back on the designated day of the program, so all is well, and when I return home I'll be super strong Lia Mwhahaha!!! hehehe.....

I Went To The Specialist and he said to come back when my stomach has returned to its angry state. It is currently in its contented one. Then he will do an endoscopy and hopefully we come out with more than "It is just stress. Try to relax more." Since I seem incapable of relaxing as most of you know...though I don't actually know how many or exactly who is reading this, so you very well may not know.

Not Much Else is going on. It has been a pretty relaxing few days.

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