Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh Yah, Thanks

I Thought I Might Have A Greatful Entry since it was just Thanksgiving and I just watched a video about the 50's father telling his son the true meaning of Thanksgiving. So let me explain what I am most greatful for.

1. Living-I know it sounds like a cheat or cheesy or something, but it is something that can always perk me up when I'm down, or remotivate me when I need it. The idea that not every time life has the potential to exist means that it does is what triggers my thanks. I have this opportunity to exist. Pretty cool. And I'm aware of my existence, also pretty cool. Imagine all those people that don't get the chance to live and feel and be. I'm glad I got to be one of the ones that is alive.

2. My Family-Also cliche, but what can you do. I hope they know all the things I thank them for, but here is a short and sweet version. Teaching me how to listen and analyze, teaching me that hard work is easy, reminding me that all people want is to be loved, respect, and many others. I could go on for a while.

3. Camp-Between camp Warren and Menogyn I can't be more greatful. They really sculpted me into what I am today. The spirit of these camps were my mentors that I wanted to live up to and one day become. Some main things I learned was how to accept and live with any kind of people; how group dynamics work; leadership skills; independance, less fear, nature, and the mountains!

4. KLHT-Really though. Thank you for so much. I grew immensly while I was at that school. I learned what hard work was thanks to Mrs. Kweskin; I joined cheerleading, very trying but rewarding times; quality friends that helped me shape myself, and time management hehehe!

5. People-You have all influenced me and taught me something important that I have cherished and will continue to. I love people generally though. Even the people I don't know. There is something wonderful about knowing that that person is just as human as you are. Its refreashing in a way because people try to deny thier humanity sometimes.

I Need To Sleep

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