Saturday, November 8, 2008

My REAL Day Off

Today Was A Much Needed Day Of Rest. I was off today in return for working for Muli when he was sick. It was nice. I had lunch with Albert at Edo and enjoyed the wonderful mountain view, as always. Enjoyed some sushi and miso soup and yummy warm edamame with our favorite Assemblage Blanc wine. Then relaxing and reading more Omnivore's Dillema followed by more fitness reading and planning for the next "week" of the preparation program. I am skipping ahead to week 3 of the prep program since weeks 1 and 2 are not challenging enough. The prep program is supposed to give you an indicator of how ready and fit you are to do the actual program (Metabolic Surge). I'll be starting the week 3 workout tomorrow! Woohoo! Now I am cooking some Tortolini and mushroom suace for Albert, and I will be having something I havem't quite decided upon yet, I think smoked Salmon will have something to do with it, or maybe oatmeal, hahaha.

Yesterday was just as busy as I expected it to be except in terms of food. I was prepared for a lot of food orders, but it was mostly drinks, so we ended up closing the kitchen early (10:15). We ended up kicking everyone out at 1 am and I left at around 2, but the floors were still being cleaned when I left. The Americans were so kind as to help clean up after thier party. It was very sticky. Got ot bed by 3 but couldn't fall asleep for a while, I don't know why. Perhaps it was just the excitement of the night or something. I'm opening tomorrow, so I shouldn't sleep too late tonight.

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