Friday, November 7, 2008

Rumours and a Party

Rumour Has It that when the school reopens San Nicks, it will be run by the CDV team, US! This theorhetically will happen in a couple of weeks. This is a great idea and I hope Taylor follows through with it. It would seperate us from the lunch and dinner services, which complicates and confuses our food orders, our production ability, and how we clean at night. There would be no more overlapping of different "restaurant managers" like there currently is, and clean up would be so much easier with a smaller space and a place that is made to entertain messy college students (CDV is not made for this). There would no longer be the problem of students comming to the back all the time and crowding the kitchen like they do now. It would really be swell. I REALLY hope it happens.

Obama Is Being Celebrated All the Way In Switzerland. First of all, the majority of the campus was cheering Obama on during the election. It was definitly nice to see how a lot of non-Americans leaned. It was also strange to me that the election was such a HUGE deal in Europe since it wasn't for Europe. I mean, in the States we sort of might get informed about some new president or king or Prime Minister, but we never follow any debates or watch the elections. The Europeans are well informed! They care about the stuff of the world, and they learn about and follow these things. It was on every news channel here, not just CNN. Pretty respectable if you ask me. AND SO....Obama's victory is being celebrated tonight in CDV hosted by the Americans. They will be helping us clean up at the end of it, which is good because I have a feeling a lot of people will be showing up, and it will be rather sticky (beer and booz on tile floor=dangerously slippery followed by dark and sticky). It is a mopping night. But it should be fun. I'm in a good mood, which is important when CDV is gonna be busy.

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