Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recent Positivity

Albert and I Went For a Walk to my favorite place in Valais! First he was really keen to go to the small grocery store, which I was stoked about. We went there, by the way it was the coldest day of this semester so far that day (so we were all bundled in fluffy hats and scarves yum!), and bought some groceries and goodies to keep us warm through these cold days that are clearing going to be more frequent. This lead to my first encounter with hot Ovomaltine (also known as Ovaltine in the States). I have found another thing to live for ;) We then went to my cliff spot and enjoyed the view over all of Valais. I have a nice picture from our gander. It was really nice to sit there on the rocks, snuggling, and looking at the view. I was happy.

Today I Went To Sierre with Dave, just to get away from Bluche for a while. Poor Dave had sprained his ankle the night before and was rathy limpy. The trip to Sierre, though still rediculously close to "the area," was like rediscovering a place you go to all the time. I found things there I NEVER knew were there. I found a NATURAL FOOD STORE!!!!!! It sold VEGAN CHEESE!!!! Even my beloved Almond Butter. Soy and Almond Yoghurt, oat, Almond, Rice, and Soy milk. Tofu of different marinations. I just oculdn't believe I found a store that REALLY catered to vegans. The soup they had contained no milk. This is very hard to find in Switzerland. After a splurge of grocery shopping there I proceeded to eat at a wonderful Thai place I'd never been to before, and then to a Chocolaterie! The actual kitchen was open and the public could see it. One guy worked there. Not a whole team of people, just this one guy and maybe his wife too on the days he wants off, I don't know. So we first tasted the free samples of broken chocolate and immediatly fell in love with the place. The quality of the chocolate was memorable. We bought a variety of truffles, sat on thier comfy leather couches and tasted handmade swiss chocolate. This is not a bad life I live.

Tonight We Are Making Dinner! I'm cooking Beef Entricote marinated with balsamic venager, red wine, sat and pepper, fresh onions and garlic, grape juice, and olive oil. We have a red wine onion mushroom gravy to go with it, and I am currently boiling the potatoes for mashed potatoes. For me, I will have artichauke pasta with boiled cabbage, sauteed zuchini and leek, with a Basil Tomatoe sauce. Yum! What a nice day!