Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I Went To Bern! I figured, living in Switzerland and all, that I should visit the capital, so I did. I have lots of pictures too, so you can follow my journey. I made an outline of where to go by searching Vegan friendly locations, cafes, restaurants, stores, as well as the only large English bookstore nearby and the US Embassy. There is a store at the embassy that sells American goods, so I was hoping for something to strike my fancy, like Almond butter or something (I know I'm crazy) ;P I had a truly marvelous time though. I was able to successfully find a map, not knowing how to say "map" in German. I then decided to find the nearest cafe to draw out my route for the day and low and behold I found a Starbucks! I had to ask a girl who I saw drinking out of a Starbucks cup where it was, and of course it was right in front of both of us. Look up Lia!! So I got my vanilla soy latte and some ginger snaps and laid out my plan. I found that almost everything I wanted to see was right next to each other. I also was very lucky to stumble upon some of the places that were not at their listed locations. That happened with the natural food stores and I think one of the vegan cafes. I also stumbled upon other great sites like the Bern History Museum, Einstein's house, some other cathedral or something, and many great views.

I Spent The First Chunk Of My Time In The Bookstore browsing and picking up delicious books of a mild variety. I got a book called A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers. It's about a Chinese girl who goes to London to learn English and falls in love, more for the sake of wanting someone to know than anything else. It shows her gradual learning, the way eastern cultures think, the differences in etiquette, and all her awkward and enlightening moments in our society. It is very good so far. Then I got The Omnivore's Dillema. A book I've been meaning to read. Basically, I've heard a lot about it being a quality read especially for anyone interested in food and the human diet in our society at our current time vs our past. Then I got Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's. I don't know why, but something insisted I read it.

I Got A Haircut! Not really all that exciting except for the experience of tryng to communicate with a woman who spoke a little french and even less english. So it was a mixture of broken french, movements, and pointing at magazine pictures. It came out safe, clean. Evened out. I'm happy with it. She really kept the length too, which was really the most important part for me.

My Health has been of some concern to some of you reading my posts, so here is the update. I have gone through my tummy pills and nothing has changed, so I just made another appointment to follow up with the same Dr. It is on Friday, and I will let you all know how it goes. Beside the chronic stuff, I am coming down with the flu. All the symptoms are here...or at least starting to arrive. Head and nech ache. Generally feeling chilly and tired. Body aching. So that will be fun to ride out.

My Mood is high. That trip to Bern really relaxed me and reminded me that there is more to the world than Bluche, Sierre, and Crans-Montana. I got some mini-Moleskines for writing while on the go, which is especially good for my little alone adventures. These are the times I am most able to organize my thoughts.

Work is good. I finished my break and now am back to work again. I did kitchen today, which was tons of fun! I forgot how much I love kitchen. I'm excited for school to start again and I return to the status of student, AND I get to work in the kitchen!

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