Friday, October 3, 2008

A Dramatic Few Days

A Lot Has Happened recently. The Chef had thrown away our pizza and quesadilla ingredients because they were not properly labeled. All of us, the CDV team, were rather angry about it, so I wrote a little something on the wrapping for the newly cut ingrediants. It was a rather tasteless joke, let's leave it at that. The next day, the chef put out the containers in the display case of CDV with a nice sign saying something like, "The professional labeling of your CDV stagiers." He then encouraged the students who came in to eat to take a look and take pictures. He acted very professionally himself, I must say. All of this when I wasn't working. Cherise was working that day and got embarassed and made to cry. It escalated because Dave was very angry that the chef did not go through the proper procedure of talking to him and him punishing me, or talking to me, or whatever the consequence would be. He took pictures of everything that the chef did wrong, wrote letters, and sent them to Taylor and Rachny. We had a meeting yesterday about in which Dave couldn't quite keep his temper and ended up pointing out every inadequecy of Les Roches to Rachny. Cherise, Apri, and I sat there awkwardly while the two of them duked it out. Not so much fun. I have yet to actually be talked to or really affected by my actions. Everyone is so caught up in the drama, that the simple consequence of me being sat down and told that what I did was wrong is completely being overlooked. I wrote an apology letter immidiatly and sent it out, so I covered myself that way. The battle still rages.

Midterm will be me in Bluche and around the area. I will go to Italy probably for a day or something, hopefully visit Steffi in Zurich, maybe pop over to Paris and say hello to Olivia. Amsterdam, which became my plan through invitation recently, fell through because the ticket prices jumped and, to be perfectly honest, I don't feel like flying again anytime soon.

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Right on Q said...

I am STILL mad about that... stupid Rachney!!