Monday, October 20, 2008

A New CDV Staff

First Of All I would like to apologize for the lack of posts. No real excuses. I've had a good bit to post about too, so I donno what happened. Oh, yes, I think I do. I'm generally exhausted after work these days and go straight to bed. SO here is the update!

The New Staff Is Here. Joey has now been working at CDV a week, so he's getting into the swing of things, and today was Muli's first day. I definitely feel the added stress of being the most experienced one there. Soon all will equal out again when they gain experience. Betwen working out again and working, I am on my feet for 97% of the day, so I'm pretty pooped by the end of it.

Dave Renewed His Wedding Vows! Dave's wife came all the way from NH to renew thier wedding vows here at the little Bluche chapel. It was a very beautiful ceremony. The catholic preist spoke in french, which made it even more beautiful. After the ceremony they took the whole crowd over to CDV for a party. A quick change of clothes and a fast pace allowed me to work and go to the ceremony. I didn't quite get to enjoy the party, but that's all good. They seemed to really have a good time, and it was nice to see Dave and Jen together all happy and celebratory! :D Sunday night it was, so deep cleaning and getting out of work quite late. I passed out and slept soo nicely and deeply. It was such a nice sleep I am noting here on my blog.

Today I went on a really pleasant fall hike to Montana. I took the path straight up the mountain that puts you right outside of COOP, the local grocery store. I decided to take my hike a little further, to Crans, where I got our next week and a half's worth of groceries at Migros, the bigger local super store. The trees were so red and orange and smelled of fall so strongly! I have pictures I will be posting soon, so you can enjoy the views with me!

I'm pretty pooped right now, so I'm off to bed. Oh, I almost forgot. I have a meeting on Thursday with the whole CDV team and staff and, randomly, Rome, who works in PFA sandwhich shop. Let's just say Rome and I don't really "click," so I am really intrigued as to why he is involved in this meeting...I guess I will find out sson enough.

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