Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CDV is My Life

At Work Yesterday one of the students said some thing like "you're ALWAYS here! You've become a fixture." I find myself feeling the same way. It does seem that I am ALWAYS at CDV. It has become my little restaurant. I'm still in the process of teaching Muli and Joey how things work there and all, and one thing I have noticed, that I would really like to improve upon, is that my teaching method is not the best. Perhaps it is disorganization, I didn't exactly think to plan how to train them, or maybe it is my "throw them in the deep end" approach, but I feel that there is a much more successful way to go about training. I actually somewhat expected Luigi to take charge of that since he is THE manager of CDV, but it was only a passing thought since he is A. Luigi and B. this is Les Roches. All in all it is going well though. When Cherise, Apri, and I were starting, it took us at least 2 monthes before we figured out the "best" ways to run the place. This time around, I can just show and tell Muli and Joey and they will learn it and add there own insights and improve upon the current "way."

My Temper Seems To Be Shorter, which I'm not too pleased with. I don't know if it is just the added stress of the new staff, not getting out as early, new teachers working at CDV during new hours, adding my gym-going back into my life, or a combination of all of that. I have found myself running around stressed a lot more and not necessarily eating enough good food, which is probably a big contributor. Low energy will cause stress and an angry disposition, especially in me. I clearly need to PLAN my meals out otherwise there is little to no hope. I have temporarily started eating animal products again, for a variety of reasons. I still tend to mostly vegetarian meals, and I still avoid dairy and egg. Hopefuly I will return to perky-happy Lia behind the counter again instead of angry-stressy Lia.

Overall things are good. It is October, what, 22nd now! Which means a combination of things. I get paid on the 25th!! And this time I plan to move a good amount into my savings account, and keep only what I need for food and "extras", which include transportation and a new Cell phone. Halloween is coming up!!! CDV will be hosting a Halloween party, of course, and I think I'm going to be zombie (the whole embrace your biggest fears idea). THEN, November 1st is World Vegan Day, and though I am no longer a Vegan, I would still like to celebrate and appreciate it. I want to make some delicious vegan goodies for that day. It is also the day I have marked to start this work out program and track my results, so u might be subscribing to 2 Lia blogs soon, I donno though, we'll see.

Keep smiling and loving yourselves

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