Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Recent Dr. Visit

I Got The Results for my blood test testing for a bacteria in my tummy and...it's actually kind of funny how I found out the results...very MILDLY funny actually. After many attempts of trying to translate "I need the results of my blood test" into french, it all worked out and she pulls out my file and smiles at me and says, in french, "It is good! It is negative!" I look at her completely crushed and say, "No, that means I don't know what's wrong with me." She looked sadder after that. SO, they made me an appointment with a specialist in Sierre...so I need to figure out where it is as Sierre is rather large. It is on Nov. 17th. So there is some waiting to be done. While I was there I did get the Medical Certificate to prove to the school that I missed work for a legitimate reason.

In Other News Joey has started working at CDV this week, and I already like him. He is a lot more laidback than I expected and has a great sense of humour, so CDV will still have most of the energy from the last few monthes. Cherise is still working too, but this is her last week. She will be leaving to do the hot kitchen in Market Place. I also had something of a spat with one of my fellow stagiers. His name is Rome and he works in the PFA sandwich shop. Essentially, after I told a girl that she could not eat dinner at CDV at the present time because she didn't sign for dinner, Rome decided to sneak her food and allow her to stay in CDV to enjoy the food. I did my part and eventually kicked her out, after Rome tried to defend her, insult me, and override my word. After the fact he said some wonderful things to me that included my favorite "You are my junior. You came from HOI. I have no need to listen to anything you say." Etc. etc. I talked to the head of the stagiers, Mr. Rachny, and he will be doning out a written warning. This is much less that Rome deserves as he has done this to other stagiers more than the allotted amount of written warnings allows for. There is a rumour that he is protected by the school because of some financial donations his family makes. Yay corruption.

I Know I Talk A Lot about eating well and all that jazz, but tend to be rather inconsistant about actually following through with it. I've read a lot of books and have experienced a lot on the subject of health, nutrition, exercise, and the psychology behind it. It is something I am passionate about, probably because of its very foundational position in human existance. I basically wanted to share an e-book I have been reading. It is called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I isn't a dieting book, don't worry I'm not trying to lose weight, but it is a book that effectivley explains nutrition and exercise. It also works wonders on the mind. The author, Tom Venuto, has a very personal and down to earth way of talking that makes you understand concepts better than usual. I especially like his section on positive self talk and how to protect yourself from sabotaging your efforts, which is very easy to do in University where few people focus on their health. He knows how to help you keep yourself motivated to go to the gym everyday and eat healthy. I really like this book and will be applying it's concepts more into my life to stay consistant and keep healthy living as a habit. I want to live as long as possible and be able to enjoy that life, especially the later years. I love the idea of being the grandmother who goes hiking with her grand kids and leads canoe trips. I love the idea of having a garden of fruits and veggies to harvest and to teach my kids how to do it. I want to be energetic and enthusiatic for living for my whole life. That is my drive to get these healthy habits ingrained now.

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