Saturday, October 25, 2008

mmmmm, A Day Off

I Slept In and it was nice. Today was the day I was going to get my cell phone. This is the story. I had lunch in CDV and happened upon a friend who was driving to Sierre. I mentioned my need to go to Manor, the mall kinda far away on the ouskirts of Sierre. He dropped me off there and I was to call him when I had my new phone and he would pick me up when he was done with his stuff. Awesome. I found the phone I was looking for, only 39 chf. Apparently you need your passport to buy a phone. So, no phone for Lia, and the mall was just closing. I didn't have a phone card so I could use th epublic phone to call my friend, Yair. So I walked 3 km back to the funi station and took the funi back up to Bluche. I did get a pleasant walk out of it, and know that Manor is not really that far from the main city center. I may take another walk over there on Thursday, my next day off, WITH my passport.

San Nick's Last Night is Tonight. It is now official and known. Les Roches now owns the Italian restaurant and bar, San Nick. Tonight will be their last night. They are selling drinks pretty cheaply from what I hear, to make that last bit of profit. There are plently of rumors about what will be done with it. The bar area may be used for Bar & Beverage class, and the restaurant may be another restaurant outlet for the school. CDV will be a French Brasserie, and there will be a new "hang out" for students, where, I don't know. This will all be ready by summer 09, so Rachny and Taylor have told the stagiers any way. Prices for rooms will be going up starting summer of 09 as well. Apparently the minimun will be the cost of what Peter's Farm currently is, so around 7,000 chf. Not so good. This is just rumors though.

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