Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Meeting

I Forgot To Follow Up On The Weird Meeting. I just got out of work and realized this, so what was the meeting about? Nothing. We were just told that the menu for CDV and PFA was going to change due to "the lack of students showing up at the end of semester." The original rumour that the chefs were talking about was that food costs were too high. That sounds more legitimate, but then the dinner chef mentioned to me that they would openly admit that they miscalculated and messed up, so what was said in the meeting was an excuse to sut out expensive menu items. OH, well. I don't eat the food there anyway.

Tonight was interesting. After dinner service, Luigi went home without saying anything to us, and Dave was told by his bosses, Rachny and La Salla, that he was to cover for Luigi. Dave now has to run dinner service, which he knows nothing about, and do the evening stuff. I have the privalege of helping him with teaching service as I have done it most recenlty.

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