Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Change in CDV...For Better or Worse?

There Was An Incident at CDV last night. It can be summarized as such: some students were playing a drinking game called "Flippy Cup" and Luigi asked them to be quite and to leave CDV, and then he flipped out. He got angry at them, though they are the least of the trouble makers who frequent CDV. He proceeded to scream at them and PHYSICALLY try to remove two GIRLS who happen to be american. Americans, I have found, tend to speak up and fight back a lot more than others. Those two girls called thier parents and thier parents contacted Mr. Taylor. Luigi is suspended for the time being. He was going to retire January 29th too, so it is rather unlucky that this happened so near his retirement. It is understandable, in a way, his reaction. He has not been here in the evenings for a whole 3 monthes. He used ot be here every night for years. This place is his baby. A lot has changed in those 3 monthes and he is older and lives in a ocuntry that doesn't change easily. This "snap" could just be his final reaction to the changes that have happened in CDV. I don't really mind him gon, since it reduces the stress levels around CDV, and we can return to how we have been doing things, which has worked and brougt in more guests. I liked him running lunch and dinner service actually so his presence will be missed. I don't know when or if he will be returning.

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