Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Winter vs Summer

I've been asked by many people what the difference is between Winter batch and Summer batch. I'm sure you're curious too ;) For those of you who don't know, I am a winter batch student, meaning I attend Les Roches as a student between the months of January and June. Then I have 6 monthes off to pursue an internship at my destination of choice. Summer batch students arrive in July and study until December, then they go off to apply what they learned. Each batch has it's own culture and personality, and the atmosphere of the school is very different.

I'll start with the absolutes. Summer batch is much larger. There are a little over 1000 students attending school this semester. Winter had only about 650. People are not as involved in each others lives during summer, and everyone does not know or talk to everyone else. You can not recognize faces during summer. During Winter, everyone pretty much knows everyone else, and all faces are familiar. CDV is busier during summer. San Nick, the local bar, plays more hip hop during winter. The summer batch students, for some inconceivable reason, love house music. Winter batch danced when hip hop came on and stopped dancing when house music came one. It has switched now. Weird. 97% of Management students live in Montana, so the campus is populated mostly by HOIs and HOIIs. Summer batch is louder, a lot louder. It is warmer, hehehe, well it is. The gym doesn't seem as busy because people do stuff outside. The pool is still icy though....

On to the intangibles. Summer batch students seem friendlier and happier. Not to offend, but I've found there to be more capable and intelligent people attending summer batch, but that may just be from the fact that there are more people generally. It feels more mysterious in a way, due to the fact that you don't know what is going on in everyone's life. It is more like living in a larger town than a tiny village (winter batch). I guess it is more like the real world, socially, during summer. I do miss the close knit aspect of winter batch at times. I worry that they will admit a lot of students into winter now that they have all this new accomadation and a new part of the main building for classes. I like the differences.

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