Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Routine

I thought I would talk about how my day usually goes, for those of you who want to experience it with me, read on. I generally wake up whenever Albert wakes up, so that depends on his class schedule. I have recently been trying to just get out of bed when I've initially awoken instead of subjecting myself to extra hours of sleep simply because Albert is still sleeping. I get really drowsy and fuzzy for the rest of the day when I do this. I will then eat some kind of breakfast from my store of vegan goodness in the room, so oatmeal, or whole wheat bread and Almond butter, or Granola and Soymilk. Albert will get ready and go to class, and I will go to work, or, depending on how early his class is, I will go running. Then I go to work, lunch service at 11:30 am. Lunch at PFA sandwich bar, I generally just grab a bunch of fresh fruit and keep it for later :) When I am done I generally go back to Albert's room and do some research on Vegan stuff, simple living, yoga health retreats, happiness, stuff of that sort. I also tend to hang out with Dave, my Amercan manager, and occasionally we go shopping at the Costco like Aligro, or just hang out down in Sierre. I sometimes excercise during this 4 hour period between work shifts. Then Dinner shift begins at 5/5:30 depending on my schedule for the week. This continues into normal CDV operation (selling food and drink as opposed to service class time). We open the doors for normal operation at 8:00 pm. Sometime between 8 and 8:30 Albert stops in and we have dinner together during my break, then back to work until 12:30. I then go home and sleep.

Weekends I wake up at 10:30 when Tahir picks me up to go running and gyming. By 12:30 we're back at Albert's where we have lunch, today was granola, yum! We usually just chill for a while depending on if I have to be in at 1 or 3, then off to work until midnight again. The weekends are nicer to work because they are very quiet and calm during the day. I bring my laptop in and do some research and reading, or I write in my journal, or I'll prepare mise en place for my meals for the comming week. Yesterday I roasted some vegitables with arabic spices, and today I think I might make lentils and rice. It's very relaxing sometimes, and others it is a rush of people all day. That is when we get close to breaking 2,000 chf! Which happens much more often than during winter batch.

On another note: Mr. Taylor has given us incentive to do the extra work that has come with working summer batch. The extra effort and time that we don't get paid for. We are given the opportunity to create specials and prepare them for Fridays. Whoever works on planning and preparing these specials gets 100 chf. Not bad. We have to make specials anyway, so getting extra pay will certainly keep us motivated and creative. It also keeps us learning. Planning a menu for fridays, ordering what we need, and preparing mise en place by ourselves is a very good learning experience for us. I was getting worried that CDV would turn into a more stressful than pleasurable experience, but Dave and Taylor seem to be doing something about it.

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Right on Q said...

It feels like just yesterday that I got Taylor to implement the specials thing at CDV...

Funny how fast the summer went... and how quickly CDV turned to $hit

...Frickin Taylor!!