Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time Gone By

The Weather has changed from hot sunny summer to tempermental Fall. The smell of Autumn brings me home so often these days I feel like time is intertwining, bringing the past and folding it into the present. I can imagine my family at home making fires, and piles of dried leaves in front of our house. People are starting to think about Halloween and pumpkin carving, what costume they will chose this year, and how to make the Thanksgiving Turkey, or pumpkin pie, more special than the year before. That is what the smell reminds me of anyway. It makes for very pleasant walks through small town Switzerland. I hope to introduce Albert to pumpkin carving as he has never had the experience. Montana-Village is harvesting more and more of its crops now. I just watched them put piles and piles of potatoes from dirt to crate. Very pleasant to witness and I'm sure even more rewarding to partake in. On my walk with my winter batch room mate, Steffi who visited for a couple of days, I ate more fruit than ever before here. The raspberries that hadn't been picked from the summer harvest were hanging deep red and so sweet. The same went for the finger-staining black berries, AND the plums were ripe!!! We picked plums right off the plum tree and became rather full right before we were going to the a la carte restaurant. :)

Steffi's Visit comprised of a trip down to Sierre and cafe catchup. We surprised Dave with her presence. He was really quite pleasantly surprised, though a little foggy since we woke him up from his midday slumber. We then went on the walk mentioned above wher eI took her through the village and to that beautiful spot on the cliff. We then went home changed and prettied ourselves for a nice dinner. It was almost like old times. We were missing our 4th diner, Andrew, who is now in NH working, but Tahir ended up joining us instead, rather random, but pleasant none the less. Due to the rumors that San Nick, the bar in Bluche, will be bought by the school and closing after midterm, we decided to have one more San Nick night together. Though we had no intention of going up to a club in Montana, we did find ourselves there and had a great time dancing. We ended our adventure with a dark and muddy walk down the mountain back to Bluche. It was great! She left the next day after joining me to the gyno and crepes in Montana rather eary in the morning, followed by lunch at the PFA sandwich shop. I will hopefully be going to Zurich to see her next week with tahir. I might actually buy some new clothes as, for once in my life, they are much needed.

CDV is still going well. We, the stagieres, talk often about how we will miss each other when midterm roles around. We are planning some kind of end of "togetherness" event, though have not yet agreed on what or when. I have a nasty cough cold thing that is keeping from running around in the cold and playing in the mountains like I would love to be doing on the sunny but brisk days of Swiss Fall. Three of my winter batch friends will be visiting today and tomorrow, Olivia, Koi, and Bishaka. I work those days, but hopefully I will spend a fair amount of time with them. Also, I'm reading Everyone Worth Knowing from the author of The Devil Wears Prada. It keeps me entertained on slow days at CDV.

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