Saturday, September 20, 2008


TODAY IS MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!! This is a birthday wish to her. May she be loved and cared for on her birthday because of the love and care she freely donnes out to those who ask, and more often than not, those who don't ask. The best gift one can get on one's birthday, and especially someone like my mommy, is care. We all want to be cared for, and when one recieves care, they know that thier happiness has value to those people. When all who know her think about their lives without her, they cannot help but realize just how positive an influence her presence has had. That's how I feel anyway, and what I've heard from her friends and associates who chose to confide in me. So, to my mom: I love you and cannot wait to better show you my appreciation for all you have done for me and the care and love you have shown me. Your life is valued by more people than you know. Happy Birthday.

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