Thursday, September 25, 2008

Returning to CDV During Off Hours

I Am Off Tonight, but I find my self at CDV. I was thinking about why, of all places, I felt the draw to CDV when I had the evening free. It is because, I realized, that it is my getaway place, at night. When I'm ff I don't have to tend to the guests, but I can still socialize behind the counter if I want to, but only for as long as I want to. No awkward moments, or extended time with people. I have to WONDERFUL ability to use the office, like I am riht now when I want absolute privacy. My room in PFB is not very accomdating to me. It feels cold and unloved. CDV feels like my living room and kitchen. PFA is my bedroom and MY home. I'm sitting here in the semi dark with my own music playing for my ears only, eating a fruit and veggie salad, listening to the banter outside by my beloved CDV coworkers, and having absolute privacy. Wonderful. I just blew my nose to hard and now it is bleeding.

We used the Stove! Tonight Albert and I cooked on our stove for the first time! We made some artichoke base pasta, mixed it with a Basilico Tamatoe sauce, added artichoke hearts, Albert added bacon and Anchoves to his, and we watched Shaun of the Dead. It was about time I watched that film since I watched Dawn of the Dead and was so scared by it that any reference to it made me uncomfortable. Albert is insistant on me getting over my scary movie phobia. We will see how much I can deal with I already flipped out after watching a few too many zombie movies in too short of a time frame. I got a full-on panic attack. HA, imagine.

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