Saturday, September 27, 2008


I Went to Laussane yesterday with Tahir. We took the train and directed ourselves irst to hummus (yumm!) and then to Starbucks!!! I was sooooo happy to have my vanilla soy latte! Starbucks in Switzerland is very diferent to Starbucks in the states. More people sit and drink there coffee, so tere are more ceramic cups. It is rather nice drinking my classic drink in a real cup. We got a briefing about fairtrade coffee in french and free caramel cookies! :) And free free trade esspresso beans. A successful Starbucks experience. I found a New York Style Cheese cake that Dave had been craving for a good while now and felt that my efforts to bring this peice of cake to Dave would be worth his joy in eating it. And so the cake traveled with us from that point on to all the places we went. These included a boutique dress store that sold Italian designer dresses with minor imperfections at discounted prices, a hemp store where we found pot infused lollipops and my favorite incense, Nag Champa, Zara, Manor, and other little shops that I cannot recall right now. In Manor, we did lose the cake for a while. I absentmindedly left it next to some boots I was looking at and wandered off to find Tahir. The shoe sales lady decided to save this morsel of delite for a later snack and off it dissapeared. Luckily Tahir confronted her and we got it back. Oh, we also ran into some people giving out lanyards with cards attached inviting people to go to the Levis store grand opening. With the card, one could get a free drink. So we followed the guy's directions and found ourselfves sipping champagne while looking at "Booty Flare" jeans for me and "skinny" jeans for Tahir. I bought mine, he was unsuccessful in his jean purchase attempt. We got some Swiss style Falafel for the train ride back, and reminiced about our day of shop scouting and Laussane exploring. I came out with the most new gear, rather needed.

Today I went on a walk. I walked with Dave to Montana Village to pick up some pie ingrediants, as the weather has created the associated pie cravings. After our store stop I introduced him to the wonder that is my special spot on the cliff. He was rather taken by it, and the view inspired some nice conversations about life and perspective. All this while munching on nuts. It was really fulfilling and nice.

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Right on Q said...

Hahahahaha... You never told me you lost the cake...

Thanks again soooo much for that... It was like a little slice of home during a time that I really REALLY needed it... ;)