Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New Appliance

I Got a Stove! I invested in a double burner plug in stove for the room. This will allow me to buy more fresh, locally grown veggies and spend more time on dishes for both me and Albert. I wanted an oven too for fresh vegan baked goods, but alas, too expensive for now. I will just have to use the CDV oven for that.

Random Story about the housekeeper today. Albert drinks beer with his meals sometimes. We bought a 24 pack of a really nice beer that he has been savoring for a good loooonnngggg while now. The empty bottles are collecting in a little bag next to the door. And we just figured we would put all of them into the glass recycling across the way when they were done. The housekeeper gives us a worried look every time she sees them and asks Albert to take them away. It's been maybe 3 weeks that this bag has been accumulating bottles. Today she couldn't take it anymore I guess because she told him "Today is the last day!" in french with her russian accent, so it sounded kinda intense. Then she proceeded to tell us that we couldn't have my mini rice cooker either, but she didn't see the stove yet....

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