Monday, September 22, 2008

A Day Off

I Was Sick, very sick, on Saturday. I went into work in tears feeling rather horrible and asked if I could go home. Dave was kind enough to tell me that he didn't want to see my face, so I scurried back to bed where I laid for about 6 hours. During that time I munched on rather unhealthy food and moved minimally. I felt rather gross. I'm sure that if I had eaten well, I would have felt cleaner and healthier instead of ickier. That led to me eating badly the next day when I did go to work, feeling worse than I would have otherwise. I am getting better and more consistent with eating well, but sometimes I slip up. I used to beat myself up about it, but no longer! I just look to tomorrow for a better day. My desire to have a healthy lifestyle is slowly winning over the personal obstacles I have placed in the way over the years. I find that when I exercise regularly and eat healthily, I feel wonderful and have less ailments. My mood is much better too. Most people can solve their health problems with a better diet and more exercise. Most people just don't REALLY believe it. It is one of those pieces of information that a lot of people logically know but don't actually believe makes any difference. That makes me sad.

Olivia, Koi, and Bishaka Visited Bluche. That was fun. I was rather sick when they visited, so not much fun, but we hung out in CDV for a bit and they said hello to Albert. I was able to get them into Sunday brunch no problem. Usually you need little slips of paper that you pay for in order to eat at school when u r visiting. Mrs. Rachney, one of my favorite teachers at school, was more than willing to let them in. We spent a good amount of time discussing the differences between summer and winter batch etc. It was a nice little reunion.

I Will Hopefully Be Buying a Stove! I found a rather cheap portable stove for sale and am considering adding it to my mini kitchen. There is also one built into a toaster oven. I would really like the oven to bake little vegan things, but I'm trying to be realistic about which I will use more, and if it is worth the money.

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