Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Change in the Plan

There has been some drama with the stagieres recently. I was the one who got affected by it all in the end, though not in a necessarily negative way. So what happened? I'm not exactly sure. One of our fellow stags, I believe I am not supposed to share who, is not changing departments next half of the semester. He is supposed to be swapping with Cherisse, one of my CDV buddies, and she is supposed to be taking his job. Since he is either not moving, or is being fired, Cherisse was going to be made to stay in CDV for the last 3 monthes. She refused. Apri, our other CDV compatriot, felt it would be absolute torture to stay in CDV longer than our designated 3 monthes, and I was okay with the idea. I would actually enjoy it. I would enjoy wherever I was put. I know that. I did admit that I would prefer to go to Market Place because it would be an excellent and worthwhile experience for me, but I would be the least upset by having to stay in CDV. I would also get rotating days off, with weekends off every 3 weeks. In Market Place I would only get Weds. and Thurs. for the whole 3 monthes. In CDV I have access to a kitchen and pantry where I keep my vegan deliciousness. My hours are a bit impractical, finishing at 12:30 am every night, but I don't really mind it because I have the mornings free to exercise and have some alone time. Cherisse also mentioned something, before this all became official, that made a lot of sense to me. She was talking about how this is her second internship, technically the kitchen internship, and she wanted to be in the kitchen. This was her main opportunity because she planned to do a management internship for her third internship semester, like most people would. I took that into account when reacting to the news that one of us would HAVE to stay. It is my first internship, and I am hired as a kitchen stage, so I have 2 opportunities to work in the kitchen. This year I work part kitchen, part service, to a minimal degree, in CDv, and I also get a taste of Market Place kitchen during midterm and holidays. To conclude: as of now, I will be staying in CDV for the whole semester. I would like to talk to Taylor about getting a raise or something since I will be the most experienced stage there and will be helping to train two new stages who will be joining me after midterm. I will also be given more responsibility, by default, due to my experience. I don't think my attempt will be very successful, but I may as well try.

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