Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Healthier Life

One of my goals, being away from home, is to be healthy. I want to lead a healthy life. I really do. I know how to do this back home pretty easily; I mean I'm vegan back home and I can get everything I need easily. Not so here. The school caters to vegetarians, sort of, but it certainly does NOT cater to vegans, or healthy vegetarians. Everything is cooked with cream and butter. Almost all vegetarian options have cheese, which I don't eat. The grocery stores do not offer much for vegetarian protein. I have yet to find a store that sells tofu, or meatless meat products. Some of the larger supermarkets have soymilk, which I stock up on when I find it. So, I found a grocery store today that is just in the town next to Bluche. It is walking distance, a long walk, but I like walking. It has fresh bread and veggies and fruit and even beans! I'm very excited about it. I don't have to pay to get there like I would if I went to the only other stores I know of, and they have good stuff for me! I hope to implement the food from this store into my diet and refrain from compromising my prefernces for the sake of convenience.

I also want to exercise more. I have become quick and close friends with one of Albert's friends, Tahir, who runs and go to the gym 6 days a week. He encourages me to go with him, which is wonderful motivation for me. I only need someone to ask and I will join. He is in wonderful shape and pushes me really hard, so my Tahir days are my push days. We actually discovered the grocery store in Montana Village while running, so it is just radiating positive, healthy energy.

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