Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Beauty of Life and the World

I know I already posted today, but I had something of a revelation since my last post. I decided to run to Montana-Village today and just see where I went and what I might see. It was much more of an experience than I expected. As I was taking my normal route, I noticed a road that went downhill and in a different direction than my uphill road. I took the new rue and was even more impressed with the beauty of Switzerland. Montana-Village is a very old, quaint village with large house front gardens full of ripening vegetables and occasional apple or pear trees. There are old farm houses that are falling apart, new chalets overlooking the valley (valais). I happened to find a more secluded part of Montana-Village with red currants and blackberries growing, one of the happiest sights to me. Then I found myself on the edge of the town and miles of grassy fields, so I went off trail and onto field, but the Swiss know, so they threw in some trails through the fields. After hopping a fence and running across the countryside I entered the woods, and followed a trail to the crest of a gorge. There was a fire pit just out side of the woods, and at the very edge of the rocky ledge was a bench perfectly placed to overlook the entire Valais region. I just cried. I sat right on the edge of the rocks and felt so happy. I sat there for a good long while listening to Eluvium, and then silence. I remembered who I was...that sounds rather sketchy and "runner high-esque" but I remembered how connected I feel to the earth, how much I love the outdoors and camping. I realized that I am the kind of person who WILL be happy doing whatever she ends up doing and I have to keep in mind what will make me happiest. So, I am going to refocus myself on the outdoors. I want to do my next internship as a chef at a vegan health/ yoga retreat, maybe here in Switzerland, maybe not, and I think that I want to run one one day. We'll see how I feel about that when I actually go to one. Basically, when I was up there, I could htink of nothing that would make me happier than taking people out into the woods, or through the countryside, or up mountains, and having them live it and appreciate it while discovering themsleves. That is my perfect future.

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