Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Midwest Moments

Thank you all so much for your amazing feedback from my last post. It really meant so much to me to receive your comments, emails, and fbook messages. Reminds me that I'm doing something right! I've been back in the Midwest for 3 weeks and have various pictures to portray my time. I'm posting this from my phone on the tail end of my 2nd 8hr Megabus journey, so pardon any layout issues. Enjoy my visual adventures!

Amazing times at Stone House Farm in Paw Paw, IL cooking with some of my favorite people for yogis and music fans!
Friends and puppies in Chicago!
Taught lots of private cooking classes and made some amazing dishes!
Lots of time spent with the Edible Alchemy crew at their home in Pilsen with their cat. Got to fashion show a few dresses so I would have something to wear to a wedding I got to be a date to last minute in Lansing, MI. I wish I had more pictures, but my dress modeling will have to represent the whole experience. I got to pet pigs and scratch donkeys. Lots of fun. Ate the best donuts of my life at Fork in the Road. Went to the Camp Warren reunion and met people from my past who I love dearly and forever. And finally spent a total of 25 hrs on Megabus in 5 days.

A few more days here then back east! 

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