Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yoga and Tea

Some of you may know that I love yoga just about as much as I love sitting in a cafe with hot (almond) milky tea and a pastry to dip.  This was my perfect morning!  One of my favorite teachers Kali Om (Cara Jepsen), teaches a wonderful class at Sweet Pea's Studio in West Lakeview, here in Chicago.  Sweet Pea's is a studio that specializes in ladies with little peas growing inside of them (think babies), but Kali rents out the space and teaches her Dharma Mittra style class there.
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It is the style of yoga that can open me up in just the right way to set my body up for accomplishing poses and relaxation better than most others I have tried.  That's Dharma up there, just hanging out in Titibasana.  Kali Om studied with Dharma and with Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, so she has a nice background that compliments my preferences.  They are both strong, active yogas, but I prefer the variety of Dharma's.  Kali led the Belize retreat I went on last February, just for reference.

After practice, and a rather successful forearm balance along with a tearful moment on my mat when Kali talked about how we are never alone in our hearts, I went for a not so lonely brunch with myself at Delicious Cafe!

It's a lovely Vegan Cafe just North of Sweet Pea's on Lincoln Ave, and they have this yummy deluxe breakfast sandwich!  Tempeh, vegan cheese, hot sauce, tomato, and red onion!

I also got their White Tea Chai special with almond milk of course!  So satisfying and warming for a sniffling chilly day.

I was still hungry and my tea was still hot, so for dipping purposes I added this amazingly buttery Strawberry Jam filled Scone!  It was perfect.  If you're ever in the area, definitely check this place out, and if you can, sign up for Kali Om's yoga class beforehand!

Now It's time to make some popcorn with coconut oil and pray they fix the heat in my building before tomorrow!

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