Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Funday

1. Us Chicagoans are back in Chiberia.  The temperature today will not exceed 0 F and that means that I very willingly prescribe myself a hibernation day.  I refuse to leave the house today in the way one might if they had a terrible flu.  Except my flu is the offensive temperature.  I don't know how you Minnesotans do it all winter, but to me, you all are like supernatural beings.


2. I got my first tattoo!  This is pre touch-up, but I love it!  It is based on the idea of Anitya (Sanskrit for impermanence).  Inspired by my roommate's finger tattoo, it has always been a mantra and philosophy that I live by.  It felt too right to deny.

3. We got another dog!  Well temporarily.  That fluffy guy's name is Choco and he is a Shitzu-Poodle mix.  My friend Annie needed to find him a permanent home because she will be moving back to Vietnam soon.  He does not have his papers, so she cannot take him back with her.  We did a week trial, but realized that he needs a lot more energy and attention than we can give him.  Sarah, my roommate, found him a better home with one of her coworkers.

4. One afternoon Sarah and I were in the mood to create and cook.  She made fresh garlic bread and I made a carrot hash with sautéed leftover mushrooms from the farmers market, with eggs and sprinkled parsley.  I forgot the mushroom gravy!  Oops.  It ended up being very tasty on the garlic bread after we had already finished the eggs.

5. These guys have been sitting around for MONTHS!  They're actually Sarah's, but I was given instruction to make use of them, so I did.  you will see how tomorrow!  I just love roasting squash in the winter time. And I love baking when the heat is broken and the temps are dropping below 0...

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