Monday, January 13, 2014

Product Testing

Sometimes you just need a bit of a break.  And the occasional convenience item can keep you sane when you really need the helping hand.  I am a big advocate of convenience foods when appropriate, not everyday, not every other day, but legitimately, when you need the help.

You might think that you always need the help.  For goodness sakes, who do I think you are?  Super (Wo)man?  You have a life, demanding work, a family and/or relationship to demand your energy, and you're TIRED!  I do get it, really.  The interesting thing, which is really a great motivation, is that you get more energy by eating from scratch.  I may sound like a crazy woman, but hear me out.

Not only are you doing something somewhat active when you prepare foods (Ha, screw that right?!), which gets the blood flowing and helps stimulate your body, but when you eat more whole foods, more veggies, your body becomes more efficient at creating and using energy.  That is why it is especially important for the overworked to eat whole foods (aka from scratch) as much as possible. And I don't mean making cupcakes from scratch everyday, wouldn't that be a dream?  I mean wholesome, veggie-centric, meals.

Now that I've given that little speech about how great eating whole foods is, let me share some awesome convenience products that I'm digging.  Now, why would I talk about convince products after that anyway?  Like I said, to keep you sane.  It's good to know of some good items for those days when you REALLY (be honest with yourself here) need a helping hand. that 10% or less of the time (ideally), or more often when you are first moving into a whole food diet.

So what have I got for ya?

This lovely rice blend tom Trader Joe's.  It has Lemongrass and a beautiful mix of rices.  It smells like heaven!  And it tastes subtly delicious.  You can use any "meaty" item you'd like.  I used TJ's marinated tofus and cut it up.  It was just what I needed for an emergency meal, a takeout-averted-meal.  Throw in some fresh or frozen veggies, like peppers, spinach, and mushrooms, and you've got some good nutrition going on!
On the side I made a salad with some leftovers that were lying around and I got to try this delicious dressing!

I got it for free after a Raw Food event I worked over the summer, and it has become one of my absolute favorite pre made dressings.  I usually make my own salad dressing, but this guy has a great ingredient list and tastes magnificent.

So there you have it, my product test for the week.  Enjoy a yummy day!

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