Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Memories

My time back home.
Had many a coffee date with my mom.  We talked on our phones next to each other.  That's true bonding.

We actually hung out, I just caught a candid when she wasn't paying attention to me.

My brother's girlfriend designed this screen print

My dad surprised me with these butterflies hovering over my lamp!

Giant cupcakes! I love Oreos!

Lots of tea

Back in Chicago before my work starts, I enjoyed the BBQ Vegan Ribs at Chicago Diner.  How have I not known about these before???

With my good friend Jared!  I gave him a haircut (after dinner) and a resume review to get him ready for job hunting, along with a very tasty Vegan Reuben.
Welcoming me home!  Delilah.  My one and only love.

Colored my hair back to a brown.  Luckily the red is still visible, though muted.  (Got a new job, had to change my hair!)

And Delilah wearing the gift my mom got her!  It's always good to end a picture post with an adorable critter!


Sabah said...

I am caught guilty :(

Sam Star said...

I guess I'll have to try harder. Delilah is a tough competitor... She's so adorable and loving.

Tom @ Chocolatedreamers said...

Ridiculously huge cup cakes, mad looking dog and nice fingernails. Funny sense of humor love it :O))

Bethany said...

Everything about that cupcake looks perfect. Also, I want to steal your dog. Is that allowed? I saw a dachshund for the first time in a long time yesterday and about fell over in a fit of cuteness overload.