Monday, November 5, 2012

November Goals

Re-inspired by Katie's Post over at Peace Love & Oats, I'll be doing some public goal setting.  To quote her:

"I find it helpful to stop and assess how my life is going and write down a few changes or things I want to work on" 

My favorite part of that is the stop and asses part.  Always a good thing to do.  So I stopped and assessed. I have my vices like everyone does, and I am working on them, trying to break habits that do me no good.  Take the time to analyze yourself and your lifestyle and see if there are any things you'd like to work on too.  I write my weekly and monthly goals on a white board on my fridge so I see them everyday.

November Goals

1. Reduce my sugar intake - This goal pops up often for me because I am a sugar addict.  I love it.  I have reduced it to mostly natural sugars at this point, but I still seem to have too much of even that in my life right now.  If it didn't make me wonky I wouldn't mind keeping it around a bit, but I have noticed its influence more and more.  I don't know if this is because I am more aware of shifts in my body and in my mood or if it is because I continually clean my diet and lifestyle up so I am more sensitive to toxins.

Not a recent pic, and I slept through that distraction!
2. Sustain a regular sleep schedule - Ever since returning from my most recent trip to the Bay Area in California to visit the Boyfriend about a month ago, I just can't seem to be well rested and I'm convinced I'm either channeling my boyfriend's crazy-busy-lack-of-sleep life or I'm just not maintaining a regular time of going to bed and waking up.  Drives me crazy.  Need to feel rested!  I also think this might have to do with sugar consumption in the evenings, something I've already cut back on.

***Note since writing this - I've been sleeping a couple hours earlier than usual and waking up before sunrise and feeling great! This was triggered by wisdom teeth removal and knocking out real early as well as Daylight Savings ending.  Maybe all I needed to do was be early morning Lia, and the amount of sleep isn't the isue, but the time of day I shut down and restart.  I HAVE always been a  hard-core morning person by nature, much to many a boyfriend's irritation!

3. Bike through the cold - I am not a cold weather appreciator.  It is my goal to move to a warm place as soon as that is financially feasable. But, while I'm still in Chicgao, I am determined to enjoy even the winter.  So far, I have found that biking through the chilly days and evenings has actually made my body acclimate much better and more quickly.  Being outside also lifts my mood.  I'm usually the cold one in a group, but since my cold weather biking, I've been comfortable even in chilly rooms.  I'm determined to keep this up!

4. Rock out my November cooking workshops - I'm teaching a Vegan Fall Feast Workshop on Saturday the 10th, 4:30-6:30PM and a Dessert Special on Sunday the 18th, 7:30-9:15PM both at the yoga studio.  I'm so so so excited and really have some fun ideas for these guys!  They're going to be my first cooked demos.  The past ones have been focused on raw foods.  I want to be more organized with bringing books and make some informational packets to hand out.


Sabah said...

Very good plan :)

Sam Star said...

Great goals. :-) I laughed about the sleep channeling. How were the last two nights? I have had two short nights in a row now... :-\