Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why I Love/Hate Chicago

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I found myself riding my bike to the studio today.  For any of you in Chicago, you know that this morning consisted of appropriately Fall temps and rain!  I was determined to be a tough cookie (I always think of my brother saying that phrase) and dressed half appropriately and got wet and cold.  I loved it!

Half appropriately means I didn't wear my rain pants.  I had the notion that my rain coat would be long enough and not move while I biked. Because that makes sense *shakes head*

On my way I had a few thoughts about why I, as a biker, both love and hate Chicago.  I know you're dying to hear.

  1. Flat
  2. Not much rain (this year)
  3. Bike lanes

  1. Flat gets boring - I wanna see mountains!
  2. Plenty of wind
  3. Taxis in bike lanes
 I looked like a surprised cat after a bath when I walked in!  At least I made the morning desk shift smile upon entering.

Ever since my trail days, most specifically my 40-day backpacking trip to Alaska when I was 17, I have not minded being wet.  Knowing that I am privileged enough to have a dryer accessible, as well as plenty of warm dry clothes waiting for me makes me more than happy to get a little chilled and sloppy.  It's like gaining that care-free feeling back when you were a kid and really didn't care if you got ridiculously messy or jumped into a pond fully clothed.

Let's all remember and show gratitude toward the little things that make our lives so easy and comfortable.  Think about it related to your life.  What can you focus on be grateful for?  Can you find an area to get back that child-like nature?

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