Monday, October 22, 2012

What I'm Loving Now

I spend my fair share of time checking you all out, and these are some things that I just LOVE!

1. First pick is Kris Carr's blog post from today:

The power of unconditional acceptance

It has some great messages in there.  My favorite being

When we accept ourselves exactly as we are, in exactly this moment, we shift from living for tomorrow to appreciating today. Acceptance heals. Rejection harms. Nurture and nourish yourself.

 2. Spaghetti Squash with Trader Joe's Basil Marinara and homemade vegan cashew "parm."  I did eat it 3 days in a row!

3. Fair Trade Month is October!  I didn't even know it until I visited Jenna's blog today.  She's having an AWESOME giveaway that ends tonight!  So get over there!  Lot's of Fair Trade goodies!

4.  Homemade Vegan Rolos via Angela over at Oh She Glows!  I can't stop looking at this picture!  And I will be making them before Fall finishes!
5. Scheduling my activities.  Easy right?  Common sense eh?  Well, I'm trying it out this week inspired by Katie's post about scheduling workouts onto your google/weekly calendar over at her blog Peace Love & Oats.  My big thing is that I schedule the classes that I teach and my work schedule at the studio, but I don't schedule the classes that I take or when to go to the gym, so that is my goal, to schedule and to follow!  The latter may be the bigger challenge hehehe!

6. Have I mentioned Main Street Vegan?  Love it!

7. My Monday noon Vinyasa class.  I've had a couple ladies coming to the class I teach on Mondays for the last couple of weeks and I am so happy to have them.  We absolutely rocked it out today despite the rainy weather.  Energy levels were up by the end and peace was resounding.  One of them is a new mom so, in our final meditation, I reminded them to take care of themselves first so that they can best take care of those they love.  You cannot make others happy if you are not happy yourself.

What are some hot spots you've been checking out these days?  Any particularly striking Fall recipes or inspirational postings?

Cheers & Hugs (lots and lots of hugs)!

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